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1830 Boats above 14 feet keel

This list of boats in Eddrachillis 1830 has been transcribed from the Sutherland Estate Papers by Marion Johan Fleming in 2011 (NLS Edinburgh Dep 313/ 1054A0.

Marion's transcription includes the keel details of each boat.  You may view or download that list HERE.  Many thanks Marion.
This abbreviated list shows each township and the boats in it.  Some of these men are also shown on the 1830 Small tenants list. 


Donald Morrison and Crew
Niel Morrison and Crew


George Ross and Crew
Angus Lamond and Crew
James Falconer and Crew
John McKenzie and Crew
John Ross and Crew
Hugh McKenzie Junr Weaver
James Macdonald and Crew

Scourie Village

Hugh Mcleod and Crew
George Abrach and Crew
Angus Mcleod
John Ross
Hugh Ross

Island of Handa

Donald Lamond and Crew
Hector Ross


George Ross and Crew
Angus Calder and Crew
Wm Mckasgill and Crew


Hugh Morrison and Crew
Donald Morrison and Crew
Hugh Mckay Snr and Crew
George Morrison and Crew


John Mckay late Forester and Crew
George Morrison and Crew
Angus McRob and Crew
Murdoch Corbet and Crew
John McLeod
Hugh McLeod


Hugh Mackintosh and Crew 
Hugh Mackintosh and son
Angus Morrison and Crew
John Morrison John's son and Crew
John McRory and Crew
Angus Morrison Callach* and Crew
Hugh Morrison Doctor and Crew
Robert Mckay and Crew
Hector Mckay and Crew
Wm Mckay Smith and Crew
Donald Morrison Presentor* and Crew


Duncan McRory and Crew
John Macdonald and Crew
Robert Morrison and Crew
Donald Mckay Cooper and Crew
Wm Mckay McKachin*
Donald Morrison

* Callach may be used here as “old man”.
* Precentor is the modern spelling for the person who sang the first line of the psalm in church
* McKachin is son of Hector 

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